Yanny Split Fabric Artist and Workshop Tutor -

Colour on Cloth.


Colour on Cloth:

2 and 4 day workshops.
1 to 3 people at the Huntly Studio, 6 to 12 people at Huntly College.

3 Different Grades or levels of workshop. Beginners, Advanced or the Challenge workshop

Beginners Workshop:

For people that want to learn everything that you can do with fabric dye and basic techniques. This workshop will give you lots of samples and ideas to be able to start using it in your own art or craftwork in silk or cotton.

Advanced workshop:

For people that have dyed before and want to progress to the next leve. Introduction to Shibori involving manunupilating,shaping and overdyeing of cloth, mainly on silk. Discharge and rusting on cotton.

Challenge Workshop:

The steps to becoming professional. Making a range of different designs to sell, What not to forget when you start selling. Presentation. Selling on the internet and making your own photocrafts suitable for placing on the interent.

Workshop techniques involved in these three workshops are dyeing, painting, overdyeing, thickened dyes, gutta resists, texdye, discharge, block printing, marbleing, screen printing, mono printing, stamping, resist, rustdyeing and others.

Keep in mind that it's easier than you think - it all starts with one stitch!

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