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Main page of Etsy: Largest Craft sellers shop Ever! www.etsy.com * Team NZ Our Team Profile *

New Zealand Sellers on Etsy:
www.kiwialan.etsy.com * www.kiwijewels.etsy.com * www.blendy.etsy.com * www.WHSKR.etsy.com * www.chimaerashop.etsy.com * www.nicedesign.etsy.com * www.HarperAndTilly.etsy.com * www.Creativekiwi.etsy.com * www.victorybooks.etsy.com * www.foxfirefly.etsy.com * www.NewZealandnative.etsy.com * www.nakedneck.etsy.com * www.victorianbird.etsy.com * www.lovestitches.etsy.com * www.heartfeltnz.etsy.com * www.funkyfurfeet.etsy.com * www.SpunOutOriginals.etsy.com * www.AmiAna.etsy.com * * www.GetSkintight.etsy.com * www.requiemaeternum.etsy.com * * www.laughingsheep.etsy.com * * www.Budgie.etsy.com ** www.Mimosa.etsy.com * www.dknzdesigns.etsy.com * www.dknzdesigns.etsy.com * www.SecondsofStyle.etsy.com "

Helpful forums (on etsy) And other helpful links available.
* Forum on Etsy Newbie Guide - Amazing stuff, * www.etsytools.com Gives charts - top sellers - all sorts! * team.etsy.com - Resources for Etsy Teams, * http://team.etsy.com/downloads.html Buttons, signs, gifs, etc for internal external web pages. e.g. Sale, Holidays etc - all magic! *

Did you know that Etsy has it's own Wiki? www.etsywiki.com

For those on Facebook there is an Etsy group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2261179156 * and if you want to put some items onto Facebook here is an application that can do that for you http://apps.facebook.com/etsyshop/ *

Another one I've found is a site that can tell you how many hearts on each of your individual items - http://www.majaba.org/heartsitems.php Interesting!

This is a real live one! Top New Zealand sellers on Etsy. You will be amazed! http://www.craftcount.com/teritory.php?countryname=New%20Zealand

And for the top sellers on Etsy worldwide check out here! http://www.craftcount.com/index.php Amazing sellers!

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