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Scrabble books: At the moment we have two basic styles. First is a small notebook, measures 165mm by 100cm about, has 72 pages, all ruled. Cover goes round the back, and inside the covers is also lined. There are only a limited number of these still available.

Secondly there is a photo album. This is a ring binder so that it opens flat, has heavier card back and front,has 15 leaves of black card which are 210gms. Measures about 210mm long by 150mm tall, and cover is lined both sides. Design is copyright to Alan Coates

Another little note book, this time with 32 blank pages, and not stapled but hand stitched. measures 150mm by 105mm. Soft cover, no lining inside.

All scrabble books, (and others) now available at Alan's shop on

Now just because they are scrabble books, we do make other designs on the cover. In fact if you want a different cover just for yourself, we can make it for you. You want a photo of something important to you? No problem, we can do it for you.

You want a present to give away? celebrate something? No worries! We are the people to do it for you. Even a one off is no problem to us.

Member of the Association of Book Crafts (New Zealand) Inc

All scrabble books, (and others) now available at Alan's shop on and also on Kiwialan on Trade Me And also on Kiwialan on Sella

email either Alan Coates at or Yanny Split

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