Scrabble Rings in Plastic

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Kiwialan's Beading

Glass Artist - Dichroic Pendants, Slumped, fused and caste glass - WOW!

Alan makes Scrabble Rings adjustable

Here is just a few examples - WOW!
For those into scrabble, here's your chance! We make adjustable scrabble rings, any letter you like is available at the moment in plastic. (This can change depending on demand) We can also make them in wood but supplies are always short for the wooden ones

And also we have some "playing cards" tiles like scrabble, they are on the bottom line and at the moment all are available.

Just email me direct or look on any of the online auctions sites that I sell on.

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27 28 29

30 31 32

Need a ring size? Or want to check out American Sizing? Or any other type of sizing?

Look no further. Just go to Our ring Conversion charts

Check out our Wedding Scrabble rings, yes photo supplied from Rarotonga - Congratulations!

Our silver rings and silver pendants that include old watchworks

Yanny Split - Fibre Exhibition

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