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THE WAIKATO MUSEUM - 1 Grantham Street, Hamilton phone 07 838 6606 Exhibition opens on Saturday 18th January and runs till Sunday 21st April 2013

"Yanny Split is one of the country's best known textile artists and has been very involved in the wearable arts scene in New Zealand since she arrived here from the Netherlands in the late 1980's. Yanny is quite possibly one of our most famous and well known artists. She has been a finalist and winner of various sections of the renown Benson and Hedges Fashion Awards as well as the World of Wearable Art awards."

Would you like a ticket to the official opening (and fashion parade) held on Thursday, 24 January 2013, starting at 5.30? Please either phone 07 838 6606 or email friends.secretary@gmail.com with names of those attending. If you would like a copy of the invitation please go to invitation page for a printable invitation.

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